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Critical Stages Touring is Australia’s national touring theatre company. Each year we tour outstanding theatrical productions to audiences right around Australia, helping to make live theatre accessible to audiences everywhere, especially in regional, rural and remote Australia. In 2019, we toured no less than 7 original Australian shows, reaching new audiences in over 100 different towns and communities right across Australia, China and New Zealand.

We need your support to help us build an exciting new future for our artists and our audiences. This is a time of great change for Australia and the world, and for the performing arts. Travel and touring of performing arts will need to be reshaped over the year ahead, not only in response to Covid-19, but also as we consider the world we want to create on the other side – one that considers a reduced carbon footprint and better care for our environment as we move forwards into the future.

Critical Stages Touring has been busy adapting to the digital realm over the past few months. We are in the process of adapting our website for digital distribution and connection, taking our successful forums to support the independent arts sector to an online format, and producing a popular weekly ‘Stage and Stream’ update for artists and audiences about digital opportunities, education resources and online performances.

We are very proud of the latest initiative: Come To Where I Am. Our usual model of performance involves touring artists to perform for audiences in regional Australia. At this time, we are seeking to invert the model, take advantage of the interest from audiences in digital platforms, and bring stories from regional Australia to the rest of Australia.

Come to Where I Am is inspired by a project from UK touring company Paines Plough. With their support, we are extending this program to Australia and will engage theatre-makers based in regional and remote locations around the country to create short 10 minute responses to what life has been like this year in their home town. Artists will create video postcards, a snapshot of what it is like to live in their part of the country. The works will ultimately be streamed on our new digital channel with the opportunity for a live performance once our theatres reopen.

We are also incredibly pleased to be able to launch our CST Digital Screening Room where we will be able to screen new projects from across the independent sector. Over the coming months, we will be supporting artists to create new digital projects for audiences to enjoy, streaming existing work that has been filmed and adapting existing works for digital performance outcomes. With so much online content being offered for free at the moment, we are very pleased to have created a platform where independent artists can earn an income from streaming their creative work.

As a very small not-for-profit organisation, each year we rely on the generosity of private individuals like yourself to make our work possible. We would love you to consider supporting our new projects.

For example, at the moment we can support seven writers for Come To Where I Am – Australia – just one artist per state or territory. It only takes A$1500 to support the commission of an entirely new script in this program. Every dollar you give goes toward making commissions like this possible. It means more new work, more artists supported, and new stories to experience from around the country.

Your donation is entirely tax-deductible and will be used entirely to support our artists, as well as supporting access to exciting contemporary performance for audiences around Australia. Donations can be made quickly and simply today via the button below or the downloadable form.

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Critical Stages Touring would like to thank all our generous supporters! Our work would not be possible without the support of our partners.

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